Five Fantasy Premier League Tips to Help You Top Your League: Part One

during the Premier League match between Brighton & Hove Albion and Fulham FC at American Express Community Stadium on September 1, 2018 in Brighton, United Kingdom.

The international break is a time for every Fantasy Premier League manager to think through their team and make the necessary changes. Many take advantage of this break to finally use their wildcard. We can analyse our transfer targets and decide who is best and truly deserves a place in the team, but every change to the team is risky. That’s why we decided to make a list of five useful tips to help you take your fantasy team to the next level.

Fantasy Premier League Tips to Top Your League

1. Check the Opponents of Your Desired Player

You might have found a great new player for your team, but don’t buy him before you know his next few fixtures, especially if the player you want is from a club outside of the top six. Tough opponents would make him pretty useless.

Teams with the best following fixtures are Manchester City, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Leicester and Burnley.

2. High Price Doesn’t Mean High Quality

This statement is also true for the opposite – low price doesn’t always mean low class. There are some great players on the market that can give you many more points for half the price. The fact that some players are priced highly guarantees nothing.

For example:

Olivier Giroud + Gabriel Jesus + Jamie Vardy + Christian Benteke (33.6m) – 29 points
Aleksandar Mitrovic (6.7m) – 29 points

3. Bench Importance

The bench plays a much bigger role than you think. Most managers just put the cheapest players they can find and spend big money on their starting eleven. In case of an injury, things can go very badly. Good bench players can also save you if a starter hasn’t played in a match. Then the game automatically swaps him with your first outfield sub.

An interesting strategy is to buy two cheap players and swap them depending on fixtures, instead of buying one expensive player. This way your chosen starter for the GW will have a much bigger chance to get many points.

4. Captain Pick

Determining your captain should be easy but it really isn’t. Many beginner managers put the captain armband on their goalkeeper but that is a big mistake. The most a keeper can get is a clean sheet, as an assist or goal sounds absurd.

For example, a defender also receives a clean sheet bonus and has a much bigger chance of making an assist. Defenders Benjamin Mendy and Marcos Alonso both have five assists already. Their attacking threat is perfect for every team and can bring you many points.

At first thought, strikers should bring the most points but don’t forget that they don’t receive a clean sheet bonus and can often leave you disappointed. If you want to make a forward player your captain, make sure to check his next fixtures.

5. Use only one transfer per GW

As we all know, we only get one free transfer per gameweek, and every following change to the team will result in a -4 points deduction. This might not look like much but it can be a big game-changer, especially if you regularly make more than one transfer.

If you are really unhappy with your team and think that many changes are necessary, we suggest that you use your wildcard as soon as possible. Thanks to this ‘FPL Boost Chip’, you can make unlimited transfers free of charge for a whole GW.

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