The Holy Trinity of Fantasy Football

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: Andrew Robertson of Liverpool during the Premier League match between Leicester City and Liverpool FC at The King Power Stadium on September 1, 2018 in Leicester, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mark Leech/Offside/Getty Images)

Traditionally, the first thing a player looks for while playing fantasy football is goalscorers. More often than not, players like Mohamed Salah (13.0), Sergio Agüero (11.3), Eden Hazard (10.7) and Romelu Lukaku (11.0) are the first ones picked. Most of the available units are spent on these players. Then, one might think about the players who could provide assists as well as pop up with goals from time to time. These creative players also cost a fair few units. Christian Eriksen (9.4) has not scored that well so far this season but he was picked by many on Week 1. Another player who has disappointed is Mesut Özil (8.3). However, none of the above-mentioned players are in the top five of the most points generated chart.

The Holy Trinity of Fantasy Football

The Story so Far

The Top Five Fantasy Premier League point scorers so far are-


Serial Name FPL Price Points Scored
1 Marcos Alonso 6.8 44
2 Sadio Mané 10.0 39
3 José Holebas 4.8 34
4 Andrew Robertson 6.1 32
5 Benjamin Mendy 6.4 32


Out of the top five, only Sadio Mané is a forward. Even his returns are a bit surprising considering Salah was the top dog last season for Liverpool. However, the thing that stands out the most is the number of defenders in the top five positions. Four out of the top five point-scorers are defenders. What’s more amazing is that those four have only claimed six clean sheets between them. So, only 24 out of the 142 points have come from clean sheets. A defender is traditionally expected to get most of his points from clean sheets. Andrew Robertson has claimed three out of those six clean sheets himself, with the other three getting one each. We can clearly see from the stats that has not been the case so far this season, with the top 4fourdefenders getting only 16.90% points from clean sheets.

Marcos Alonso, Robertson and Benjamin Mendy constitute the above mentioned ‘Holy Trinity’. Holebas has done exceedingly well but he plays for Watford and one has to wonder how long their amazing start to the season will last. Holebas is a set piece taker and his points are mostly coming from assists from set-pieces. Points might dry up for him but the other three are all playing really well and are important cogs in their respective teams’ wheels. Let’s take a close look at ‘The Holy Trinity’ and try to find out why they are doing so well and should you have all three of them in your side.

Marcos Alonso

Chelsea teammate Eden Hazard said this about Alonso: “Sometimes, [he] is in front of me. I said to him once, ‘Marcos, I think your first target is to defend because you play left back’, but this guy doesn’t want to listen, he just wants to score goals.” This is exactly the reason why Alonso has scored the most points so far this season and under Maurizio Sarri, he should continue his raids into the opposition half. He also takes free-kicks sometimes which could generate extra points. The next match for Chelsea looks as juicy as it gets. A home match against newly-promoted Cardiff could see Chelsea score some goals and you just know that Alonso will be involved. To be honest, he is fixture-proof and could do well against any opposition.

Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy is another one that could be termed fixture-proof. The World Cup winner has provided five assists so far and his crossing has been immaculate. Manchester City haven’t been able to turn on the style like they can yet, so Mendy might even improve further into the season.

Andrew Robertson

Among the three, Robertson is the only one who’s generated more defensive points than attacking. He also has some tough fixtures coming up. However, he seems to generate a lot of Bonus Points System (BPS). He’s produced six BPS so far in four matches. If Liverpool win a match 1-0, it is quite likely that Robertson will get nine points. Hence, one might argue the case for keeping or bringing in the new Scotland captain.


If you had ‘The Holy Trinity’ from Gameweek 1, they would have earned you 108 points in just four gameweeks, averaging nine points per game. This is sensational from an outlay of just 18.5 units. They will cost you 19.3 units now but even then they are worth having in your side, especially if you are wildcarding.

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